Let’s be honest, the whole princess thing has gotten pretty cheesed up these past few years.  Images of fake tiaras, feather boas, and airbrushed pink come to mind. [shivers]

But this isn’t that.

Once upon a time a boy in some not-so-shiny-armor (surgical scrubs to be exact) interrupted a soliloquy of mine, shaking his head, uttering ever so condescendingly, “Princess problems, your life is full of princess problems.”  He was trying to be an ass.

but alas, he unwittingly rescued me.

It has been said that in time God reveals two things: whose you are, and who you are. To understand whose you are is to know that you belong to God.  To understand who you are is to understand you have a purpose, a calling, and responsibility on this earth.

I had heard over and over again this notion that I was a “princess”.  Hell, my name MEANS princess! But without the “whose”, the “who” never made much sense.

For too long I thought the “princess” label meant assembling an enviable life and playing it off in effortless perfection (which is exhausting by the way).  

I thought I had to be lovable; when in reality, all I had to do was be loved – and let that love change me. . .

So this is just me, some random thoughts on life, love, sex, God, family, and my blundering attempts to stumble forward and learn something along the way….


One Response to “sarah who?”

  1. Crystal said

    I just wanted to let you know I adore your blog. I hope to be an awesome woman like yourself when I get older. Thanks so much for this blog!

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