blackberries and santa claus

May 17, 2010

it’s been less than 24 hours since my beloved blackberry suffered some corrupt fatal file error and had to be sent off for a warranty exchange.  The folks at the phone store were great and gave me a loaner phone to use in the few days until the new one comes.  It’s not a blackberry.

as such, this represents the first time in probably 6 years that i haven’t had a blackberry within 10 feet of me.  i’m grateful i can still call and text those that are lucky enough to be in my SIM card (or perhaps that i’m lucky enough to have there) but no email, no internet, no note pad, none of the things i depend on it for.

email alone is a hurdle.  Three email addresses are routed to my phone, all of which represent completely different work streams.  Professional, personal, and school.  Negotiating between them almost requires a blackberry b/c more often than not it allows me to quickly mitigate issues or simply call the person who needs something.

so when i woke up this morning, with the little phone that’s just a phone in my bed (yes, i sleep w/ my phone. don’t judge me) I rolled over and instinctively grabbed it to check and deal with what the blackberry santa had brought while i slept, then of course, check twitter, check facebook, check some news I keep track of, oh, read that verse of the day…but nothing.  my simple little phone just had a text or two that were honestly not anything I even had to reply to.

for a second I thought “shouldn’t i feel disconnected?” before I realized I really didn’t.  I felt free.  And I’m not sure why, but I’m asking why b/c I like how this feels.


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