April 4, 2010

Easter has always been my favorite day of the year.

What’s not to love?  The combination of cute new dresses, candy, flowers, a great meal, and the coming of summer is perfect for any little girl! Especially me.  I was smitten from the beginning…

And while I’ve continued to celebrate it through college and my twenties sometimes only out of ritual, the day itself has always had a special pull with my heart.

They call me a “futurist” – which is to say I spend a lot of time thinking forward.  So of course, Easter, with heaps of hope is my kind of day.

Hope.  It’s always where I’ve left off on Easter. Thinking, believing that because God came, died, and rose to new life was a great source of hope.

But there’s a difference between believing and becoming.  John’s gospel says it perfectly…”to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God…”

I have believed for along time…that people can die and be raised to new life.  That people who submit to God’s wisdom and ways, who live in relationship with Him and allow that love to take root are changed.  Not just exhibit new behavioral patterns, I mean, they are changed.  They are alive in a new way.

They get resurrected.

I have always believed that, but between last easter and this one, I started exercising my right to become. I stopped hoping in the resurrection and started living the reality of it.

All my life I think God was trying to be clear about His intention to build my life, to become a person on the other side of the resurrection; but I had my own agenda. I spent too long being angry because I felt entitled.  I thought God was withholding his best from me because things just weren’t working out the way I wanted.

Turns out that His best is the cross, it’s dying to somethings that are killing me; then being raised.

Dying and being raised to new life.  God does it every day.

And He’s done it with me.

Happy Easter.


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