the one thing

December 9, 2009

it’s been a while since i’ve written…not because I haven’t had any thoughts, but because I’ve had so many.  When that happens, it’s like a chaos in my head.  I knew this was the case when someone told me Sunday that it must be difficult to be so smart – which is really just a nice way of saying “I have no idea what you are talking about!”

Try being me!

Walking along the edge of the Atlantic this week, trying to prioritize/strategize the next few months of a massive pile of school, work, moving, job hunting, friends, family, holidays, and well, just life…I realized God said something to Solomon when he was in a very similar position (1 Kings). Solomon had a lot going on.  He had just become king.  He seemed a little stressed.  He went to pray.

“Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” God said. 


What if God said the same thing to me? (oh, He did….Luke 11, Matt 21, Mark 11, etc etc)

What would I ask for?

What would you ask for?

Wisdom popped into mind first, b/c well, that worked out for Solomon, but too unoriginal…next I thought something along the lines of “that Your will would be done” but, too nebulous…I considered money, influence, love, an assurance of health and heaven.  Nothing really seemed like the thing.  My thing.  My one thing.  I’ve had them: love, money, hope, power, chances.  I’ve lived long enough to see the ebb and flow of life.  the good times. the bad ones.  I’ve knelt at the alter of sex and beauty and charisma and trust me, i’m not saying I don’t want those things…just not sure I’d ask for them.  They are accessories, not an end.  So what then? What’s the one thing that will last…that will sustain me…because I don’t know how any of this stuff is going to go down.

I walked, and I thought.

A pure heart.



That is my one thing.  My one prayer.  My last prayer.  My forever prayer.

God, give me a pure heart.  Let the complexities, difficulties, tragedies, setbacks, successes, luck, and celebrations of my life never take their toll on the purity of my heart.  Let me always love well.  Let what flows in from you flow out untained by all of the stuff that can clutter life. 

I’m not typically big on “biblical quarterbacking” – that is, when you pick one verse out of the bible and throw it around on it’s own w/o considering it in context.  But, in this case, I think Proverbs 4:23 can stand alone.

The first part – “guard your heart” is pretty much agreed upon by all the translators.  It’s the 2nd clause, however, is where the question “why the heart?” gets answered.  More importantly, it’s why I feel like the one thing I prayed for, is exactly what I need.

✜ it is the wellspring of life. (NIV)

✜ it’s where life starts. (MSG)

✜ it determines the course of your life. (NLT)

✜ everything you do flows from it. (TNIV)

✜ out of it spring the issues of life. (NKJV)

So let it be God…so let it be.


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